Los Angeles | Arts District

Our goal is to design clothing you can move around in. To put that theory to the test we thought we’d grab a few things and ask someone who’s pliable for a living to give them a shot. We hit the streets of the Art’s District in Downtown LA with Calvin Corizine and jotted down where we wandered off to. 

Location: Yellow Wall  | Hat: Rally Cap  | Shirt: Tiger Tee |  Pants: IronFly Joggers

Location: Alameda St Hat: Rally Cap  | Shirt: Eat Dirt |  Pants: Ironfly Joggers

Location: Alameda St | Hat: Rally Cap  |  Pants: IronFly Joggers

Location: Colossal Mural | Shirt: Tiger Tee |  Pants: Cafe Slim - Avalon

Location: Pan Pacific Warehouse | Shirt: Boardwalk Henley | Hat: Explorer Cap

Location: Myers St. Train Yard | Shirt: Slugger Tee | Hat: Rally Cap

Location: Myers St. Train Yard | Shirt: Slugger Tee | Hat: Slugger Cap

Location: Myers St. Train Yard | Shirt: C&S Motor Co. Tee | Hat: Rally Cap

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