Cohen & Sons was an idea originally drawn up on the backside of a napkin after the throes of WWII. Right in the heart of New York City, Jack Cohen produced classic silhouettes for half a century that remain the backbone of countless American styles. His generation with their unwavering spirits demanded quality and appreciated fine lines on everything from their clothes, to their hand rolled automobile bodies. From the city streets, to a weekend at the races, Men of the 50’s and 60’s birthed the playbook of smooth.

Almost 20 years after Cohen & Sons threw in the towel after battling with competition overseas. Jack’s grandson borrowed a few pages from the past, mixed in a few ideas of his own, and kick started his grandfather’s legacy back to life.

The counterculture wild men of the period are what drive us. Everything we do is deeply rooted in the past and interwoven with a modern twist. Our classic silhouettes are nod to the past, while our modern construction and innovative materials keep us focused on the road ahead.